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Why Cyber Risk Score?

Self Risk Assessment

You can protect yourself from cyber attacks and understand what hackers already know about you. NormShield Cyber Risk Scorecard is a complete solution that provides actionable and easy-to-understand information to business executives while providing detailed drill-down technical data and recommendations to information security personnel.

3rd Party Risk Management

You often share confidential and critical information with your suppliers and vendors. How do you know your vendors take cyber security as serious as you do? Your ecosystem multiplies your risk and it is important to know how secure your vendors are. NormShield Cyber Risk Scorecards allow you to monitor and manage your third party cyber risks.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurers used to determine a business's cyber risk by asking a list of questions. With NormShield Cyber Risk Scorecard, cyber insurers can evaluate the cyber risk of any business in few minutes and provide better coverage and service. Cyber insurers can also continuously monitor the changes in the cyber risk scores of the cyber insurance policy holders.

Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard

It is now very easy to identify the security posture of 3rd party vendors and cyber insurancesubscribers.

Cyber Risk Score! You don’t have to use old-school excel files and questionnaires for 3rd-party risk management. Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard (RapCard) is an affordable, faster and next-generation tool for cyber insurance providers and 3rd-party risk management. 

  • Instant cyber risk score generated under 60 seconds

  • 10 risk categories and 250+ control items

  • User interface or API based and fully automated

  • Perfect for cyber insurance, M&A, and suppliers

  • Available with volume license

Comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecard

Actionable, complete and comprehensive risk assessment for your company or 3rd party vendors.

The comprehensive cyber risk scorecard enables not only to measure the risk level of a company but also it analysis and prioritizes the data to generate an actionable report. The prioritized action list, compliance control and technical details of each finding make security engineers’ lives easier. You can quickly and deeply do your third party risk assessment. Know not only your riskiest assets but also risky vendors.

  • Non-intrusive scan of your web & dark web presence

  • Detailed findings based on cyber threat intelligence about you

  • Hacker reconnaissance! First step of the cyber kill chain

  • Fully automated. All findings are validated & prioritized

  • Self risk assessment or 3rd party risk management

NormShield vs. Competitors

NormShield provides trusted security rating services (SRS). Key players in SRS market (namely, NormShield, BitSight, SecurityScorecard, RiskRecon, and UpGuard) focus on publicly accessible data sources when performing vendor assessments and security benchmarking. Although each player has different approach to analyze and evaluate the security posture of a company, all use similar resources and techniques to collect data. 3rd-party risk-management products mainly gather publicly accessible data from the internet, hacker sites, social media, internet-wide scanners, reputation services, darkweb, their own sinkholes, etc. However, they are not all equal in terms of usability, analytics, compliance, technical depth, and threat intelligence capabilities. The tables below compare NormShield Cyber Risk Scorecards with other alternative SRS products in the market to help you make a more elaborated decision on selecting SRS tool for a better cyber risk management.

Trusted Security Rating Services

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